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"Something Wonderful" This is Gary and my first song collaboration. We were trying to write a Staple Singers type of thing for a friend. She passed on this one. But, after hearing my voice on the demo, up in her register, I put it on the "possible songs for the record" list. I kind of liked forcing myself to hit these notes.
When Charley and Will got on this, I realized that it was going to be pretty damn cool. So, then, I decided to call my boss, Peter Frampton. I thought maybe...possibly....he'd play a solo....He agreed! We ended up having a great day in his wonderful studio. I'm incredibly honored to have him on my little record. "Thanks, boss!"

On "Outta The Red", Will Lee was able to get the great Allen Toussaint to play the piano on this recording. Will had become really invested in helping me out on this record - what a friend! - and thought this song needed AT. Anyhoo, he was dead right. We already had a killing basic track and a whole bunch of stuff on it, and I thought that the track was pretty much done. But, thankfully, I listened to my friend Will. Once AT was on it, it became as deep a vibe as a track can be. At mix time, Niko really helped me thin out all my noodling to make space for that incredible piano.
Lyrically, this song is a true to life expression of a real blue moment. We all have those days when we wonder when the money issue will go away. And, if we're not careful, we can end up hooking up the wallet to the credit card IV drip, and never get anywhere. And the day I wrote that one, the song came so easy, that I completely forgot about it. Later, when I re-found it, I didn't even recognize my own song - I had double tracked the vocal, kind of JJ Cale style, and I was trying to figure out what this tune was until I realized it was me! Started doing it on my live shows and it became one of my "hits".

"Anywhere But Home" - Lyrically, it's all there in the song. Gary and I wrote a good one, if I must say so myself. Jonny did a great string arrangement. Will solidified the verses. All good.

"Move It Along" - nothing like an eighth note groove to make an ass wiggle. I love the woes expressed by the guy in this. WOMEN. You know, most days you're capable of empathizing with them, but some days you just exhale a huge 'what the Hell!". Our minds are just programmed different. This song is for the guys. (but, fellas, after you groove on this, dial the florist, quick!)

"Heaven" was based on a drop-D tuning. The minute I came up with the riff, I thought of a guy I was able to hang with one time, Chris Whitley. I was in France, near the Swiss alps, had just played a set - all on no sleep, but I knew I'd meet Chris. Pretty pumped when he turned out to be a super-sweet guy. Backstage, he played dobro for us long into the late, late night. Brought lots of smiles onto all of our faces. Chris died young. I felt that he was a man torn - so this song is written from his perspective, as imagined by myself. It ended up being really cool that my good friend, Rich Mercurio is the drummer on this track. He toured with Chris many years ago.

"My Moon" I had just seen a mind-blowing program on the Discovery channel about the latest theory of the moon. They say that there was this gigantic asteroid that was hurling into our solar system. The earth was nothing like what it is now - no life forms. The asteroid smashed into the Earth and, inside a giant cloud of smaller asteroid chunks and dust, was drawn into orbit with the earth. The two giant things eventually, through a principle of gravity, drew all the dust and chunks toward themselves, forming perfect spheres. The balance they acheived set a new orbit of the earth around the sun, allowing life to flourish. Now, if that ain't a love story, I've never heard one!

"Nasty Shoe" Gordon Kennedy - one of the writers of "Change The World" for Eric Clapton, was our guitarist in the Frampton band in 2006. As you can imagine, when you live with a bunch of people on a bus for months on end, you develop some pretty serious inside jokes. Gordon, after overhearing a woman saying this at the mall, hipped us to this phrase. Toward the end of the tour, Gordon wrote a rhyme on a napkin about this and gave it to me. A couple hours later, I called him down to my room to hear the track I made for it. He loved it. We ordered room service and finished writing the song that night in the hotel room. The next day, we asked Shawn Fichter and John Regan to play on it. All done in my hotel room somewhere in Florida. That recording, note for note is what you hear on the record. No other overdubs. I just got Niko to mix it, (no small contribution, I must say), and the demo became a record!

"Something Going On" This is a lyric that just sounded right for the creepy chords I found. I hate cheaters and infidelity. To me, I can't imagine the hurt that someone would feel if someone they really loved was unfaithful to them. This is a guy that's finally realizing the girl is cheating on him. It's really dark, and Jonathan Dinklage's string arrangement really drives that home. He killed it. So did Gary, Will and Charley. I really Love it!

"Never Give Up" Song about what addiction does to a family. A real addict will burn so many bridges, they're left with only a shell of a life. The rest of us try to deal with keeping any hope alive - that they will someday return to us. My good friend Gordon's guitar enters like the first light of the sun after a long, hard night. Thanks, Gordon.

"While You Speak" Everyone asks me if this is about someone. I think we all do what the narrator's doing from time to time. Some people are so boring that you just end up nodding until the noise stops. This tune was written awhile ago, but has become a good closer for the show when you need to come to an end. So, one more time, by request....

"Even Deeper" This is a groove and melody that just sound cool to me. Totally a throwback to the good-ol' days of Doobie Brothers and folks not afraid to play some jazz influenced soft rock - yacht rock, if you will. I loved those records back then, and always wanted to make a record that sounds like this. It's all just for fun! And I really like the sentiment in the lyric. All about getting over the speed bumps. "So Smooth!"

"Gonna Be Alright" Chrissy Amphlett (Divynls) almost never makes appearances on other people's stuff. I'm one of the few lucky ones! Talk about making a brother look good! So, by association, I guess I'm really cool, right?! But, in all seriuosness, she was such the right call for this song. And, I really recorded it with her in mind. The guy in the song just needs a woman to tell him everything will be okay. I love how everyone underplays the tune - check out John Regan on the low,low notes. Last tune, warm, gentle ending.

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